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Facebook WPress - WordPress Plugin for FaceBook Users

Facebook WPress is a WordPress plugin enables you to add the Facebook connect functionality on your blog to enable your users to connect with their Facebook account, and gives you blog owner a very powerful viral tool working on the Facebook network, and to keep your users informed of important news.


  • The plugin enables your blog users to connect with their Facebook account.
  • It asks the email permission from your users, and store their email address in your database, so you can easily retrieve your user’s emails to use for your future marketing campaigns.
  • You can easily post status updates or links on your user’s Facebook wall with the integrated tool coming with this plugin (check the screenshots).
  • You can customize the links posted (chose a thumbnail image, a caption, a description).
  • A WordPress account is created when a user connects for the first time with his Facebook account.
  • Ability to start a WordPress session using the Facebook connect.
  • You can customize if your connected users can view (and how many they can view) their friends on the side section of your blog (once they are connected).
  • You can customize and choose if yes or no, you want to display the last connected users to your blog (viewable by non connected users).

Price: $15.00

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