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Resourceful Mobile Design Tips For A Sustainable Business Solution

The inevitable meteoric rise in the mobile industry since last decade has revolutionized businesses of almost all sectors. This has greatly impacted the user behavior as it can be observed that most of the users prefer their mobile devices over desktop to access the Internet. In fact, the analytics have depicted that a whopping number of people is exclusively dependent on their mobile devices (which means they don’t use desktop). These colossal users will most probably include your partners, business associates, suppliers and most importantly your consumers.

mobile design tips

With such an extensive use of mobile devices across the globe, and since, Google considers mobile-friendly sites in its ranking algorithm, the design approaches like “mobile only” and “mobile-first” designs have gained great momentum. For this reason, it has become more than imperative to streamline your mobile presence with an optimal design. And, this can be done more efficiently by stepping into your mobile user’s shoes while considering the latest trends in the burgeoning mobile industry.

If your business doesn’t embrace a peculiar and impressive mobile design, some of your competition surely will. To help you take your mobile design strategy to the next level, here is how:

1. Support user-centric notifications.
You must define certain triggers based on user’s actions that can alert you with a notification and, thereby, facilitate you to take an appropriate action. This can be scrutinized by considering several factors, like geographic location, recent news, role in an organization, and so forth.

This can be further explained with an example. Let’s suppose that yours is a supply chain application. Now, due to certain unfavorable weather conditions, your cargo can’t be merged in transit. Thus, the state department after recording privacy in your navigation route, triggers a notification to inform you about the change in the route.

Such user-centric notifications augment proactive and instant actions. Moreover, you may also define your triggers to automatically commit an appropriate action. For instance, if there is a certain change in the route of a ship due to some adverse climatic conditions, the delay in arrival time can be automatically notified to the on-ground transportation and port.

2. Design it to meet your organizational goals in a legible fashion.
If you are endeavoring for your for business goals, your mobile solution must connect and epitomize your business data in a comprehensive manner. Since, your mobile app will create a physical extension of your enterprise, there must be a seamless connection between the app and relevant data. There must be a minimal time frame to load the data accurately and it must be showcased in an interactive and intuitive way. Furthermore, your users can be your employers or they can be your customers, thus, it is imperative to display the data while considering the different perspectives of your potential users. This can be done efficiently by streamlining your app design by indicating who your users are and what they are looking for.

3. Integrate advanced features of mobile technology.
Today, almost every mobile device supports the latest features that you can think of. The superior features (that are offered by most of the smartphones, tablets, etc.), including camera, GPS, accelerometer, microphone support, etc., can be incorporated into a mobile solution to ensure an ultimate UX with an optimal result.

4. Go Responsive
The responsive design has taken the IT world by storm. It has offered an amazing solution to deal with the proliferation of the mobile devices (featuring different screen sizes, screen resolution, platform and more), and target a gigantic mobile user base. There are several benefits for creating a responsive business app or website. Here are a few of them.

  • A responsive design ensures a consistent performance across different devices, by integrating navigation and displaying the content in a similar fashion.
  • It offers a cost-effective solution to efficiently reach a plethora of devices with a single design. No additional effort and cost is required to manage all the versions of your business solution.
  • If your business solution will embrace an optimal responsive design, it can efficiently meet the needs of your desktop as well as mobile users. This will definitely augment your potential customer base and thus, help leverage your business.
  • It facilitates complete access to the entire content.

A well developed responsive design can create a tactile and perceptive look and feel of your business solution. This will ultimately entice your potential users and help keep them engaged and therefore, drive greater conversions and profits.

5. Seek Advantage Of Tools To Design Your Mobile solution.
With the rapid advancement in the technology and burgeoning mobile industry, today, there are several resourceful, proficient tools available in the market; you may use LiveView, Sketch, to name a few. Therefore, to make sure that designing a mobile version is not a headache for your organization, you must implement the latest technology for creating an effective and noteworthy design.

6. Determine your target audience and devices that they use.
The behavior of your potential users must be considered while designing a business solution. The way your users are using their devices and what kind of devices are preferred must be considered while designing for businesses. It will help you better tailor your design to meet your user’s expectation and target them with an intriguing design to ensure an easily accessible business solution.

7. Facilitate instantaneous interactions.
By fetching real-time feedbacks from users and instantly responding to them, you can generate a sure-fire business solution. The rapid interaction between a business and its consumers is a critical aspect that demands utmost precision. To attain a result-driven solution, it is recommended to design in a way that allows you to retrieve and address the feedbacks of your potential consumers within a field that can be easily modified.

Let’s wrap it up
Most importantly, there is not a particular approach for every business that can optimize mobile designs. Thus, it is essential to kick around and seek an ideal strategy that can work perfect for your business needs. This is why, it is always advisable to keep your prime business goals in mind while contemplating your mobile designs. Furthermore, since, it is anticipated that mobile will hold the reins in the future, an optimal mobile design will definitely ensure a sustainable business solution.

About the author:
Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, an mobile application development services provider. He loves sharing latest information on Android, iOS or other mobile technology.

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