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How to add Custom Post Title to Your WordPress Feeds

Do you want to display a different post title in your feeds for your WordPress blogs? You can easily achieve it by just adding a custom function to “functions.php” file in your theme’s folder. No need for any additional plugins.

This example use All in One SEO plugin’s post title for Feed Posts title.

//Add a function to edit the title
function myfeed_custom_title($content){
    global $wp_query;
    $postid = $wp_query->post->ID;
    $post_aiotitle = get_post_meta($postid, '_aioseop_title', true);
    if($post_aiotitle !== '') $content = $post_aiotitle;
    return $content;
//Add the hook
add_filter('the_title_rss', 'myfeed_custom_title');

If you want to show a custom field value in your feed title you can just replace the

get_post_meta($postid, '_aioseop_title', true);


get_post_meta($postid, 'YOUR_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME_HERE', true);

Good Luck!

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